The smartengine Management software allows a user an easy way to upgrade the software release on the system.


Prior to performing any software upgrades, it is a best practice (and highly recommended) to download critical pieces of information from the system. In this example, the smartengine is running version 4.3.2 of the software. These steps will illustrate what a user should do before upgrading the software on the appliance. We are assuming the newer 4.5.1 software image has already been acquired by the user from wtec.

Steps to follow

This is what you will see

Step 1.                                                     

Login to the smartengine using admin credentials and click on Admin Tools from the Applications menu.





Step 2.                                                     

Under the Cluster Data section, click on Complete link

  • This action will download a file called supportData.tgz. It is a compressed file with key pieces of information.


Next, download the Site Inventory Data as well

  • The link for Fixtures will download a file called fixture.csv







After the important pieces of information have been gathered, a user can now proceed with upgrading the smartengine to newer 4.5.1 software release. 

Steps to follow

This is what you will see

Step 1. Click on Software Update from the Applications menu.



Step 2.  The Software Update page will appear. In this example, it shows that Partition A (active partition) is running software version 4.3.2.

Note: Software upload and upgrades are only allowed in inactive partitions. In this example, it is Partition B.

Click on Choose file and select the 4.5.1 software image for the smartengine that was provided to you by wtec. Next, hit the Upload button.


Step 3. A prompt will appear which will take an input from the user to proceed with the upload operation.

Hit the OK button.


The upload process will begin, and a progress bar will appear.

Step 4. Upon completion of the upload, Partition Bwill show the 4.5.1 software release for the smartengine.

Click on the Activate button.

Step 5. A prompt will appear requesting acknowledgement to Reboot the system with this image.

Press OK to proceed.


The smartengine will proceed booting up with the 4.5.1 software image. Give it a couple of minutes while the system reboots. Note: Do not power cycle the smartengine. Once HTTPS access is restored again, the user can try accessing the UI @ https://<IP Address of smartengine>.

If the user hovers over the “i” icon on the top right corner or clicks on it, a verification of the newer software 4.5.1 will be revealed.





At this point the smartengine software upgrade is now complete.