The smartengine Management software allows a user an easy way to download support information which may be requested by wtec’s technical support personnel for troubleshooting purposes.


Prior to downloading the support information from the smartengine, a user will need to first configure their laptop to be able to connect and communicate directly with the maintenance port (AUX port) of the smartengine. The steps are documented here.


Below are the steps to download support information from the smartengine.

Steps to follow

This is what you will see

Step 1.                                                     

Login to the smartengine using admin credentials and click on Admin Tools from the Applications menu.





Step 2.                                                     

Under the Cluster Data section, click on Complete link

  • This action will download a file called supportData.tgz. It is a compressed file with key pieces of information.


Next, download the Site Inventory Data as well

  • The link for Fixtures will download a file called fixture.csv